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  • Fatima Saleem of 8G1 :


Our trip to Hili Fun City was a splendid experience. We all are going to be separated next year as we are going to choose different subject streams so we all collected long lasting memories. It was filled with laughter, joy

and happiness. I enjoyed every ride there and even went to each one of them twice, except for the Hili Swinger, which was too scary for me. We even swung on the swings and played on the monkey bars. It was a hot day, so we cooled ourselves with yummy, galaxy colored slushes that cooled down our minds. It was a totally enjoyable trip.

  • Salma Moustasum of 8G1 :


The hot and humid weather didn’t stop us from enjoying the amazing theme park. Hili Fun City is a nicely setup place with many attractions and rides that were very entertaining and amusing. From roller coasters to 3D cinemas to cafeterias, we had a marvelous and unforgettable time. I really liked how the park was very eco-friendly and yet it didn’t fail to astound us.

  • Habibe Ansari 8G2:


The Hili Fun City trip was a much awaited trip. The ride to the destination was quite long but since we were with our class mates, it was fun. The entire place was booked just for us which was amazing. We didn’t have to wait in lines or stay in a group. We were free to go wherever. We could enjoy the rides countless times since we were the only school there. The trip was enjoyable as it was a full day trip.

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