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On Monday 11th May 2015, we went to the Pepsi Factory where the representative guided us inside the factory& informed us about the history of the Pepsi Co. He then showed us around the manufacturing process- starting from the storage of the raw materials, plastic molds, caps, cartons, cans, concentrated syrup, water, sugar and Co2to the containers required for the drink & then the preparation of the finished product. We observed how the production process works where more or less ninety thousand machines are producing and the machines work 24/7 with a three shift workforce. The guide led us to a filling area where he depicted the packing of cans and he also explained to us about different operations management procedures.

At the end of the tour we were given an opportunity to ask questions which further helped to enhance our understanding. The soft drinks & small gifts provided towards the end provided the perfect ending for the trip to the Pepsi Factory.

Daniyal Sikander-9B

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