Admissions are open for Academic Year 2020-21

Special Educators

Facilities Support Team is available for all students at The Oxford School. The Facilities Support Team is committed to helping our students be emotionally balanced & academically successful. The Facilities Support Team consists of the Counselor, Student Council & couple of specialist teachers who double up as Special Educators.

The Oxford School Learning Support Programme is committed to supporting the individual educational needs of all students. Students experiencing difficulties in accessing the curriculum and learning are referred by teachers to the Student Services Team. The counselor, special educator, teachers & parents together draw up an individual education plan for each student based upon their observations & results of the psycho-educational assessment administered by external professional. This team ensures that students receive the intervention and accommodations that they need. Student’s participation and performance in weekly and term exams act as indicators of progress. Student progress is also tracked based on their achievement of the targets. The individual educational plan is then reviewed to set new goals.

 Based on the learning needs of the referred student in-class and one to one intervention sessions are provided by the counselor & special educators. The Special educators work with an individual student or small group of students to provide intervention strategies to be implemented within the classroom.

Greetings from The Oxford school !

As directed by The Government Authority, our school is currently closed. Students are learning remotely in our virtual collaborative learning environment.

We are available remotely to provide guidance and support to our existing and prospective parents.

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