Once again Oxfordians made it. Exemplary results produced by IGCSE, AS and A level students. Overall IGCSE percentage is 70 and Overall A level percentage is 72

Our Team

Principal’s Welcome


MS. AISHA ANSARI – Principal

Dear Parents,

 Education is not the learning of facts but the training of the mind to think!’ –  Albert Einstein

 The Oxford School, an evolving centre for challenging, engaging and authentic learning experiences that arouse the students’ creativity, develops their confidence and resilience to become independent and principled life-long learners.Education unblocks the road to freedom and empowerment, opens doors for personality and emotional development and innovative ways of contributing positively to the world. I feel confident in describing our School as being caring, forward-thinking and adaptable to the numerous challenges of life. To be truly effective in supporting the young minds, we recognise that knowledge and skills, essential to deal with the extremely volatile and challenging world today, must be learned and nurtured.

we recognise that knowledge and skills, essential to deal with the extremely volatile and challenging world today, must be learned and nurtured. This can be achieved within a perspective of conventionalacademic values where high expectations are placed upon students’ potential.We strongly support student wellbeing and promote a school environment that permits individuals to thrive as they work towards achieving their personal best in all they attempt. Setting high expectations, providing structured support, coupled with hard work, helps to preserve optimistic sentiments within the school community. Sharp focus on depth of knowledge through provision of enriching and innovative learning experiences, effectively engages them in problem solving, collaboration, team work, creating and innovating as expected proficiencies and attributes.  It is our purpose to continue building an even stronger partnership with parents in creating a learning environment that is engrossing, demanding, and accommodating. This would pave way in ensuring students can confront the challenges of a global community with grit and determination. They mature into enterprising young people with highly developed analytical, communication and discerning skills during their journey with the school, ready to take their place as future leaders, who are result oriented and mindful of others in every manner. Our teachers are dedicated professionals, committed to take on this challenge confidently. They take great pride in providing a safe and secure learning environment and are committed to establishing a school atmosphere that allows students to flourish and grow intellectually, emotionally, and socially.

 I am looking forward to hearing from you and meeting with you in person. You can contact me on aishaansari@oxford.sch.ae

Meet Our Team

Vice principal
Ms. Deepa Vinod
Head of Science
Ms Preeti Manoj
Head of Humanities
Ms. Indira K V
Ms. Dhannya C Sherry
Ms. Shweta Rastogi
Ms. Vibha Shrivastava
Arabic HOD
Ms. Maha
Ms. Zareen
Ms. Mona
Sports HOD
Mr. Melus Muusha Tinomudashe
Ms. Shahena A Fazaldin
3-4 Section Head
Ms. Preeti
Section Head 5-6
Ms. Sabanaaz Mulla
7-8 Section Head
Ms. Usha
section head 9-13
Hina Umair
Examination Officer
Ms. Swapna Sarun
Admin Manager
Ms. Leema Shiju
Chief Accountant
Mr. Kabeer