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Atlantis Trip-Girls

“My trip to Atlantis made me learn various aspects of business. I was also able to see the way Atlantis is designed with intricate lace works on the walls. The lobby consisted of a colourful grand structure of 3000 plastic strips which was made by a specialist named Wilson. The lobby was adorned with paintings which showed four seasons and the elements (Air and water). From this trip, I was able to learn about the different forms of expansion used by the company. Information about the market segments that Atlantis caters to was also very useful. It was a great learning experience.

Sobia Salim, 10G1

“On 16th Nov’2014, we, the commerce students of grade 10 went to an educational trip to Atlantis. It was a great and a very different experience. I personally was amazed looking around the hotel and knowing about it’s organizational structure. Not only the water park, the rooms and suite were jaw dropping. Atlantis itself is a different world which I would never want to get out of.”

Laiba Rehman, 10G2

“The trip to Atlantis was an unforgettable experience. We learned a lot about how they manage and provide services to the tourists. Atlantis is a huge hotel with around 3000 rooms including the suites and they also have mesmerizing cafes and restaurants. It is a perfect holiday destination for anyone who can afford it.”

Amna Rashid, 10G2

My first year in the commerce world couldn’t have been any better. The trip to Atlantis was fascinating and enhanced my learning to a new level. My business concepts are now clearer and well understood.

Ahlam 10G1

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