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The Oxford school Career Fair Day was held on 23rd March 2015 at the School MP hall from 9:00 am to 1:00pm.  The purpose of the fair was to help students have a broad understanding of what academic choices they have at the university level and to have the idea of the relationship between school performance and future choices. Prior to the Career fair day Students were provided with some preparatory activities which can help them understand their interests and get them ready for the fair day. As a basic preparatory practice we only implemented two questionnaires i.e Interest coding and Family career questionnaire. Interest coding questionnaire is an assessment battery where it assesses general interest. However, Family Career questionnaire contains interview questions where students can get a chance to ask a family member questions related to job searching, job interview, qualification needed for the job, if the current job is a dream job etc. These assessments helped the students a lot in order to have an idea of what the working world looks like.

The Career fair started exactly at 9:15 am with a welcome speech by Mr. Mahesh Sajnani, Head of Student Welfare, and AS students were the first group to attend.  Around 18 Universities and Educational institutions participated in the Annual Career Fair day. They provided the students with information regarding admission policy, courses they provide, scholarships, tuition fees, learning abroad and some other relevant information. Some of the Universities distributed brochures and posters of their universities, while others disseminated a complete educational kit. The school provided water, tea and snacks for the presenters. Students attended the fair with enthusiasm and focus. They asked different questions to the universities they aspire to join and explored what undergraduate studies look like. This career fair was unique and different from the previous fairs where grade 9 students participated as well. Early participation will provide grade 9 students with enough time and space to focus and choose their future careers.  Finally the fair was closed at 1:00 pm.

Mr. Yonatan Haile

School Counselor

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