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The Oxford School, Dubai, celebrated the English Language by organising an English week (from 16th to 20th of Nov 2014) wherein many literacy competitions were held and English-related activities were organised. It was a week of flurry and excitement, with the children being fruitfully engaged in various tasks, during the zero period, so as to not disturb the regular teaching lessons.

The week began with a Drama Competition for girls, which was held in the MP hall. There were 6 groups participating and each group staged a 5 minute enactment, with no more than 5 actors in each group. The plays chosen ranged from Shakespearian tragedies to modern contemporary drama and the children who performed brilliantly, did justice to their roles. The audience comprised of grades 6-11 and the hour long competition kept every one enthralled. The judges declared the winners of the competition and Ms. Nikhat who had graced the occasion, gave away the prizes. It was a heartening competition and the young talent that was showcased, was indeed impressive. We hope to have many such occasions in the future.

The second day, the 17th of November, witnessed the highly popular Book Character Competition, where participants from grades 6-8, assumed the roles of fictional characters, and looked and dressed the part. Each competitor had to deliver a dialogue that the character would have spoken in the book. Latent talents were aroused, and the young actors paraded across the basket ball court, casting indelible impressions on the enthusiastic audience. The best dressed actors and the most ingenious enactments were awarded prizes. The characters brought books to life, and the magical arena was transformed temporarily, into a scintillating medley of imaginative characters, straight from the pages of popular and classical fiction.

There was an English quiz, organised by Ms Sukaina for the grades 6-8, held in the Multipurpose on Tuesday, the 18th of Nov. The presenters were girls of grade 8 and it was wonderful to see the energetic enthusiasm of the participants. There were 4 competing teams – from the 4 houses – and every team had 1 member from each grade – so it comprised of 3 highly charged contestants. The quiz had a visual round, buzzer round and a rapid fire round, with questions relating to literature and English grammar, being thrown at the four teams. The audience was equally interested in the proceedings and the entire quiz had everyone on the edge of their seats, as the participants delved into the realms of their memories, and responded with accuracy and knowledge. There were audience questions as well which kept them fruitfully engaged and actively involved.

On the 19th of November, there was a “read-aloud” Competition organized for grades 6, 7 and 8, where various participants, read out passages from books – modulating voices, controlling tone and pitch and employing emotive expressions. The competitions were enjoyed equally by the listening audience and the participants, as each classroom came alive with the forceful renditions. In another area, children displayed their creative skills, fashioning unusual and unique bookmarks to be used during reading breaks. The colourful and imaginative designs were true presentations of art and of course the best ones were awarded.

On Thursday the 20th of November, the English week drew to a close with a magnificent role play competition, organized by Ms. Jemima for the grade 6 girls, in the Multipurpose hall. The remarkable feat was that the girls had directed, produced, and written the scripts, for the genre of horror and fear, themselves. The actors were impressive and the audience was suitably exposed to a lot of imaginative mystery, gore and terror. Here again there were 6 groups contesting and each group had 6 members. The role plays were judged by Ms Sukaina and the best group was awarded. Simultaneously, a vocabulary challenge was held for grade 7 and 8 and as the contest proceeded, it was gratifying to hear the girls shoot off answers, meanings and synonyms in quick succession.

All too soon, the English week came to a close on the 20th of November. The week had been a truly inspiring, informative and entertaining one, and though everyone felt it was regrettably short, they also emerged, wiser and more knowledgeable about English – a true celebration of the most widely spoken language in the world.

Listening makes a naïve man learned while reading makes a learned man complete.  – Charles Lamb

With this objective in mind, the English Department at The Oxford School conducted the Reading Aloud Competition as a part of the English Week celebrations held at school. The students competed against each other to test their skill of Reading a text with proper intonation, with an audible voice and emotions to move their audience with their reading. Though the task seemed simple at first, as the session progressed it was interesting as the girls took reading to a different level as it almost bordered on drama. The judge for this competition, Miss Lata G, was very impressed with the student’s clear pronunciation and expression that brought the text to life.

The winners were: Marjan – 6G2 and Nargis – 6G2.

All the World’s a stage…

It was a festive mood on the last day of the English week as the students of Grade 6 (girls section) geared up to present their talent in front of their audience. The cusp of this event was the thrill of creating stories based on a common plot and develop the story with their own characters and turn of interesting events. Through this event students explored their talents of writing, narration, dialogue delivery and interesting variations of Mystery and Horror genre.

Their self designed costumes and setting along with detailed sound effects with timing was a beauty to watch and enjoy. Though all could not be winners, the judges awarded the most entertaining acts with the first second and third places.

1st– Marjan and group- 6G2, 2nd – Adeesha and group – 6G2, 3rd – Katrin and group- 6G1.

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