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‘Know Your Teacher Day’  Class/Sec 1 Green.

The first Parent Teacher meeting was held on 24.10.13 which proved to be effective and interactive. The number of parents attended, only showed that they were eager to know their wards teacher. They had many queries regarding books, the new subject workbooks, and the like. They showed a sense of satisfaction when these queries were answered accordingly. A feeling of trust was built up between the parent and the teacher. The only concern was the heavy bag and they were again pacified when they knew that most of the books were kept in the class and would be sent at regular intervals and at times  when any HW is given.

The Edmodo website was explained in a small manner only to be continued further once it is ready with us. Few parents were concerned about the Arabic HW, which showed 5 pages, and hence they were guided towards the Arabic teacher to satisfy their query. One of the parent suggest for CD or Tape (audio) for the beginners for Arabic (NA) because according to her it’s a language and it needs to be given time. Hence she suggested that the number of period should be increased for Arabic class. Parents were shown the textbooks, workbooks, and notebooks, were informed about the assessment schedules, patterns P.E. uniform dress code and healthy snacks to be sent.

On the whole it was a very interactive session.


Ms Seema Sharda
1 Green  (class teacher)
Event Coordinator Years 1 and 2.

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