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 Field Trip to Zabeel Park-Year 4

 3rd February, 2015

February is a time of the year when students look forward to a lot of outdoor fun and thrills. Keeping the good weather in mind a fun filled trip was organized for the students of Year 4 to Zabeel Park in Dubai. The excitement for the trip began the same day as when the circular for the trip was handed over to the students. On the much awaited date all the faces of the children reflected the cheerful spirit and mood of the students. The students accompanied by their respective class teachers left for the park at 8:30am in the morning. The bus ride to the park was also full of excitement and joy for the enthusiastic students of Year 4. As the weather was so pleasant the children had a great time at the park. They played on the various swings and slides at the park. The boys were thrilled to play foot ball and the girls loved being with their friends and chatting with them. The students had carried their food which they enjoyed sharing with their friends. The children also observed the park carefully as they had been assigned a booklet project which was required to be completed by them once the trip was over. When it was time to leave the park all the students were saddened and wanted to be there for more time. It was indeed an enjoyable field trip not only for the students, but also for the teachers. Now the students of Year 4 are looking forward to another trip being organized for them.


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