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A fun trip was organized for the Senior Girls Section last Wednesday, 19th November 2014 at Hili Fun City, Al Ain. About 125 students from Grades 9 to 13 attended the said event along with their Class Teachers and Co-Teachers to make the trip a memorable one.

The group left the school before 9 AM and reached Hili Fun City around 11:35 AM. The girls were so excited as they reached the park. Since the park will close its operation at exactly 1 PM, the girls as well as the teachers rushed to the various attractions to make their stay worthwhile. It was also their time to bond with their teachers as they tried the different rides inside the park.

At exactly 1 PM, the girls and the teachers assembled in the cafeteria for the distribution of the meals. Assistance of some teachers was sought in order to make the distribution of meals organized and quick as the girls were starving already. Some of the girls even bought in other food stalls when they finished with the meals provided for them.

After lunch, majority of the students stayed with their own groups and explored the park. Some teachers also stayed with each other and took some time for relaxation and fun. Some games were prepared for the students but, they preferred to rest and have fun on their own.

Around 3:30 PM, some of the rides resumed operations so everybody was so excited to go and have an nth time of their favorite attractions inside the park. Some were adventurous enough to go with the thrilling rides whereas some just opted for the simpler ones. Nevertheless, one can see the happiness and excitement in their faces.

At exactly 5:15 PM, the students were asked to form a line per class prior to going to the buses. Once they have all gone to their respective buses, the group left the park immediately after checking the number of students and teachers in each bus. Around 5:45 PM, the group left the park.

It was exactly 8 PM when the buses reached the school. Some parents were already waiting for their daughters prior to their arrival. However, for some it took a longer time. There was even a problem among some students particularly in Gr 10G2. Some students were planning for something but due to the keenness of the teachers, they did not push through with what they were having in their minds. Some were even insisting to ride a cab but the teachers were strict enough for their safety so they waited for the parents to pick them up. It was already past 9 PM when all the students have gone home.

Overall, the trip was a successful one. Once in a while, a fun trip is needed to unwind from the daily activities. It is also a room for the students to get along with one another and so with the teachers.

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