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The trip was organized for the grades 6, 7 and 8 boys on Thursday, 24th October 2014 . The weather was sunny yet moderately warm, with slow breeze that brought in lot of fun and joy. The students were excited to spend the day with their friends at Iceland.
The day started as per plan with all things in place as per Oxford traditions. Maximum care and preparation had made it possible for us to bring in a lot of joy for our students. They thoroughly enjoyed during the bus travel. There were many slides which the students and the teachers equally enjoyed. The Arctic Wave and the Lazy River were the most attractive swim spots. Few of the main slides which were the most sought after were; Hurricane, Cyclone Twist, Great Tornado and many more. At the end, the buses too reached back to school in time in the evening.
This fun trip seemed to have earned all the favours by Allah and was in accordance with his plans. We should be really thankful to him for helping all of us in making this day a memorable one for our students. Alhamdullillah.​
Best Regards,
Mahesh Sajnani
Head of Student Welfare | The Oxford School
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