Islamic Assembly on Hijab: Is it a Barrier or a Blessing?

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Islamic Assembly on Hijab: Is it a Barrier or a Blessing?

“A woman modestly dressed is like a pearl in its shell”, a vision of our society that needs to be revived, and for such a remarkable change to be put in effect we must start within ourselves.

What is thought to have bizarre powers sewn into its fibers. Powers that transform Muslim girls into UCOs (Unidentified Covered Objects), which turn Muslim girls from an ‘us’ to a ‘them’, are kinds of thoughts that must all be cleared and answered.

Thus the Senior Girls put up an assembly titled, “Hijab: A blessing or a barrier?”

It was a message to some and a reminder to many.

The assembly started off with the Quranic recitation by Touqa and its translation by Warda. Afterwards a video of the girls of Oxford school who wear the proper covering was projected. Everyone sat on the edge of their seats, excited for what was going to follow.

The video unlike how we expected was full of promises, satisfaction and light hearted feelings as it brought about the thoughts that swirled around in many minds yet no one would put them out in words. The girls claimed how the hijab was not only a duty for them as Muslims, bringing them closer to God but also gave them sense of respect for themselves, confidence and protection. I must say the senior girls have what it takes to be true Role Models for many.

Then the girls delivered their informative speeches followed by the introduction of the concept of ‘World Hijab Day’ that was started by one girl who had problems wearing the Hijab in New York. She suffered for just the piece of scarf she wore and her story on how she overcame all the difficulties to rise and shine and be what now she is, founder of “World Hijab Day” which is on February 1.

Her story and the story shared by Zubiyah, motivated all the audience that the Hijab isn’t a burden God forced on us but a blessing through which many are protected.

The audience was questioned back and forth by Shaziya and before you know it, the whole audience was involved in the interactive discussion. Truly we thank Allah for opportunities that he bestowed upon us to bring us closer to him and may the World and ourselves walk on the very path he wills.

 Surraya Ali – 9G1

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