KHDA Visits The Oxford School, Dubai

The Oxford School had the honour of welcoming Dr. Abdulla Karam, Chairman of the Board and Director General, Ms. Jameela Al Muhairi, Chief of Dubai Schools’ Inspection Bureau, other dignitaries from the KHDA on Tuesday, 27th January, 2015.
The purpose of the visit was to find out more about the uniqueness of our school, share views and experiences, and also to take into consideration, any suggestions we may have in furthering their relentless pursuit of raising standards of education in Dubai.
The team took cognizance of and appreciated the empowerment of our student community, who were given a number of opportunities to express themselves in many different ways – one of which was designing the jackets they wear to school. Our student representatives spoke at length about their achievements and accomplishments and the ways in which their involvement with the larger community outside school had enriched their experience at school and prepared them to face any challenges they may have in future.
Our active parent community representatives raised a number of valid points, ranging from standardizing Arabic assessments to ensuring new teachers had a license before they took up a teaching job in UAE.
The candid, open dialogue between the stakeholders and KHDA, our key partner in helping us in our pursuit of seeking improvement, will resonate with us as we work in collaboration to raise the standard of education we provide to our students.

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