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Attended by Grade 9-10 girls

Written by- Praikasha Prakash, Zainab Nadeem, Daniya Dyussengulova & Zishan Su

Grade- 9G2

Nestle Kit Kat Gallery

Girls Commerce Students of Grade 9 and 10


Pleased by the beautiful scenery around, the commercegirls of the ninth and tenth grade enjoyed ameaningful educational trip to the Nestle Kit Kat Gallery in Jebel Ali on the 28th of April 2015. Arriving at school by 07:30 in the early morning, we took off towards the gallery at 08:35 riding our comfortable and cosy big yellow bus. The ride was filled with anticipation and laughter from our teachers and fellow students, making the one and a half hour ride memorable.

We arrived at the Kit Kat Gallery by 10:00, and took our first step off the bus sniffing in the sweetly scented air. The atmosphere around the gallery was pleasant and had a deep and lingering scent of smooth chocolate. Students formed a quick queue and followed our commerce teachers’ lead into the building. The curious students looked around and over the structure, feeling amazed and excited for the wonderful experience we were about to get.

As we were led further into the building, a staff came over to greet us heartily. She introduced herself, gave us a brief explanation of the tour stating that our main purpose was to learn about the production and history of Kit Kat as well as the tips to healthy eating. The gallery was a wide corridor decorated with interesting photos and information on Kit Kat and chocolates in general, two Kit Kat Mascots, and a few games regarding Kit Kat. The corridor was colourful filled with cute and eye catching adornments.


The staff gave us a detailed explanation on the main ingredients of chocolate, in particularly cocoa. She depicted the picking of the grain and its transformation into the common coffee coloured beans. She explained that after picking the cocoa from the trees, fermentation was necessary, and the fermented beans were to be left under the sun for a couple of days until it turns brown.

After clarifying the picking process of the cocoa beans, our knowledgeable guide showed us a video informing us the production process of Kit Kat chocolates. Through the video, we understood that the Kit Kat factory uses capital intensive methods in their production, where the whole process is manually conducted by large amounts of necessary machines and technology with a few workers to supervise the process.

Firstly, the cocoa beans, milk, sugar and other ingredients are mixed together and form a paste of chocolate. Then through numerous steps of smelting and refining, the chocolate turns to powder and is put into a conching machine. The conching transforms the chocolate mix smooth and creamy. Afterwards, the chocolate is cooled down and the wafers are added, where they undergo a long but quick journey through different machines. Lastly, these finished chocolate bars are then manually put into wrappers and boxes.

Though the video gave us a general idea of the making of Kit Kats, nothing is better than being able to see it clearly from our eyes. Yes, visitors in the gallery can get a sneak peek into the production process through the many humungous windows plastered in the walls of the corridor. We can see the gigantic machines used, and the enticing and heavenly Kit Kats travelling on the moving belts just like those in Sushi restaurants! I guess you can say that our excitement was not futile.

So, while some students were busy looking over those windows, the guide played a few games with us in regards to the Middle East countries this factory exports to, which gave us a deep understanding on the importance of UAE’s Kit Kat factory.

Going towards the end of the corridor, we could see the history of Kit Kat drawn on the walls, from Kit Kat’s original name (Rowntree’s Chocolate Crisp), the different packaging throughout history &the first Kit Kat commercial. In particular, this part was a favourite amongst many, most probably because we came to know of facts we had never known.

Upon reaching the end of the corridor, the cheerful guide showed us into a room filled with nutritional displays and interesting games. She explained the importance to follow the Food Pyramid and eat accordingly. She also provided us with countless information on this topic unknown to us. After informing us on the topic of healthy eating, we were showed how to play a few exciting games on the same topic.

By the end, we took a merry photo with the Kit Kat Mascot and left the attractive gallery at 11:30. We could still hear many voices talking about this meaningful experience in the bus! We sincerely believe both teachers and our fellow students have received bountiful of refreshing knowledge books and internet would not be able to give today. And we are very proud to be able to attend this joyful and informative tour along with our friends and classmates, as well as our beloved teachers.

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