Market Day

The market day organized by the commerce students now a tradition at the Oxford School helped to showcase the compassion & empathy of our students. The event took place on the 26th & 27th of November for the girls and boys respectively.

After the formal inauguration of the ceremony by Mrs.Nikhat Rehman & representatives from the parent community the students began selling at their respective stalls. The wide variety of stalls ranged from games, henna, accessories, face-painting to ice-cream & food stalls. The area was flooded with students from all the different grades, starting from years 2 to 13. The volunteers were totally occupied and kept busy – so busy that they couldn’t even catch a breath.  They were all exhausted by the end of the day but they all enjoyed it.

Such was the enthusiasm, zeal & commitment of our students that they managed to earn around AED.16, 400 in just a few hours. They seemed ecstatic that they were able to achieve well beyond their imagination.

It was amazing to see how the students were willing to pool in their resources at their own expense for a good cause, and not expect anything in return.

In addition it was a great learning experience for the commerce students as they prepared their first ever final statements for their charitable businesses—the stalls. It was a first step in making them responsible & charitable businesspersons of tomorrow. It was heartening to see how the students took up their role as budding entrepreneurs.

In conclusion, it was a very successful event…as they say, help the ones in need & our students have surely done it time & again!

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