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“The essence of mathematics is not to make simple things complicated, but to make complicated things simple.”

It was yet another day of keenness and enthusiasm at The Oxford School, as the Oxfordians celebrated Math Mania 2014 – their own Maths Day.

As part of preparations the students started bringing in their material for the models etc. a day earlier, had talk between the groups and discussions with the Maths teachers on the same was the thing to talk about.
On the morning of 5th May 2014, the students gathered for the assembly that was specially organized for the Math Mania, and the students were enlightened with the use and application of Maths in common life.

The group of students presenting the assembly were clear in their ideas and spoke with confidence and conviction.

After the assembly was the next thing that the students were keenly waiting for – the model making competition. All students from grades 5 – 10 were involved in creating Math Models, based on the difficulty level that was apt for their age. The students exhibited great sense of responsibility, seriousness and commitment to their work, and displayed their social skills in the process by working together in an organized manner along with their group members. Though the model making was a group competition, but some groups helped other groups with their suggestions and by provided them some materials, which was indeed heartening, our students have learned a precious lesson of working hard to win, but at the same time not to leave others who are in need.

Once the model making concluded, the students assembled in the Multi-Purpose Hall of The Oxford School for a fiery inter-house Maths quiz competition. The participants were well-prepared and it was a very close finish with Emerald house team winning by a margin of only one point. The audience also participated in the competition by answering questions asked to them with great enthusiasm.

The last attraction of the day was the debate competition on the motion,
“Maths is an important ingredient of modern science.”
All speakers gave logical reasons to support their point of view for and against the notion. Jon Ryan of grade 10 was adjudged the best speaker of the day.

While the quiz and debate competition was in progress, simultaneously a group of students divided into five teams was involved in a Treasure Hunt activity. A healthy game that is a combination of present mindedness, and Physical and Mathematical skills. The winners of the treasure hunt students found a gift as a treasure they competitively looked for, and were the first ones to reach there.

At the same time, on the other hand, some students were engaged in poster making competition while the students of grades 5 – 7 were involved in Math Games, which were set up as game stalls. The students unreservedly participated in the game stalls and enjoyed the games set up on the stalls.
The day concluded with lasting impressions of fun with Maths on the students’ minds, and it was indeed a great learning opportunity for the students.

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