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8th February 2015

“Good accounts make good friends.” Barter system is the oldest form of exchange. I give you money you give me food .  This is what the students of Year  1 and 2 enjoyed today . The MINI MART DAY.  Parents were invited for this event to accompany their children to sell different food items. The students participated with great enthusiasm and the parents on the other hand did enjoy the same. The parents gave their  valuable time and energy for this day by bringing home  made food and edibles such as juices, doughnuts, cupcakes, cookies and so on.  The parents came in before time and helped with the set up of the market day. A proper charity market.

This charity market give a lot of hands on experience and real value for money . The students not only learnt real life skills but also know that their efforts are for the needy. This gesture was obvious when they  donated the money collected from the sale , to DUBAI CARES – an organization working to provide with access to quality  primary education.
Students of year 1and 2 came down with their money and bought what ever they felt was tasty and affordable. The idea of using money, counting and saving for a good cause was practiced.

Our Principal accompanied be other school leaders came to encourage the students. They not only interacted with the children, but also bought food stuff from them.

The Mini mart day which involved parents and students was a grand success.

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