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Murdoch Business Cup challenge 2014

BCC is a unique platform that brings together the finest students and brightest business ideas from schools throughout the UAE and GCC hosted by Murdoch University Dubai.

Here the students are required to review and implement real-life business plans, analyze crucial business situations and present a case to an academic and professional panel. Our students got an opportunity to work as part of a team, in a competitive environment, using their critical-thinking, problem solving skills and business acumen.

On the 29th of November, our students (Ashar Iqbal of 11B1, Arsh Zubair of 11B2, Aliza Asghar and Zubiah Farooqi of 11G2, and Janina P. Adriano of 11G1) headed to Knowledge Village for Murdoch University’s Business Cup Challenge 2014 Finale, accompanied by Mrs. Vijitha.

After accomplishing 3 case studies within the month of November and competing with more than 50 schools across the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Jordan, the team has secured a position in the Top 20. Their rank required them to present a brief business proposal within 40 seconds for the Elevator Pitch Round to make it to the Top 10 finalists to present their 4th case study. Zubiah Farooqi with a business proposal on Halal Cosmetics represented the team for this round and made us proud by her confident & knowledgeable presentation.

Janina 11G1

My experience at the BCC 2014 has enhanced my leadership and organizational skills. The BCC has provided a platform for me to apply my knowledge to real life situations. I was also able to learn about commerce in various aspects.

Zubiah 11G2

BCC gave me a chance to experience business in real life. It helped to increase my knowledge and skills in different aspects and aroused the spirit of competitiveness and hard work in me. I think this experience was very helpful to me as a commerce student and I will be looking forward for more opportunities.

Maria 11G2

The BCC project gave me a chance to create/invent a new product that can help people in their daily basis. It made me use my creativity and knowledge for the better use of waste materials to invent a product. This experience also helped me to learn new aspects about the production process.

Hayatti 11G2

Joining my classmates in the Business Quiz was one of the best experience I ever had. I’m looking forward to participate in other events since this helped me gain more confidence in myself and I loved meeting new people.

Elisha 11G2

It was overwhelming to see a lot of people participating in BCC and a great way to put what we learnt in class to test and to find out our group’s standing and capabilities in a competitive view. Truly unforgettable and we also learnt our weaknesses so we can improve and do better next time.

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