Le Traversee De Paris

It was really exciting and thrilling to be off on a journey we had waited for so long. Registration for the trip, getting visas, packing and saying good bye to the family before we departed was all so engaging.

The day of our departure dawned with a severe sandstorm that had engulfed Dubai thus our flight got delayed by 6 hours and we boarded Gulf Air at 5:30 am in the morning. The excitement and thrill to reach Paris was so strong that those 6 hours were a time we definitely enjoyed and spent our sleepless night at Dubai Airport’s Terminal 1. After one hour, we reached Bahrain airport to catch our about-to-miss Paris flight. We landed at CDG Airport(the 5thbusiest airport in the world) at around 2 in the afternoon.

“Bon jour” greeted the immigration officer and we moved to the baggage carousel but to our utter shock – our luggage had not reached ! It was still at  Bahrain airport . Baggage claim  was filed and we had no choice but to keep our fingers cross . Our adventures had just begun!!

A beautiful and fascinating city awaited us outside. Amidst chilled and cold weather, drizzle and our luggage still in transit, we were all set to explore the fashion capital of the world.

We had to go to the Museum Louvre but first we feasted ourselves to a full course meal in a French restaurant, L’Auberge Du Loubre .We reached Louvre, the most popular museum in France, which had  incredible paintings , sculptures  and other forms of Art such as the Mona Lisa and the Venis De Milo. After a tiring  and fun-filled time at the Louvre , we ended the day at an Indian restaurant and enjoyed the sumptuous meal and then we went to our hotel which was situated at Residome. We retired for that day to get an early start the next morning.
The next day, we headed to the famous football club Paris Saint Germain.  It was under renovation so we couldn’t see it from inside but saw the majestic soccer stadium from outside .The modern architect of the stadium in the heart of the ancient city reflected its own history. Next, we headed to Versailles, where we had our lunch and then we were off to the Palace also known as Hall of Mirrors where Louis the sixteenth lived in and expanded the astoundingly beautiful Palace of Versailles in 1669. The palace is still standing and is as beautiful as ever! The palace’s gardens are very beautiful as well. It was the same palace where the famous Treaty of Versailles was signed. Later we proceeded back to Paris, saw the Arc de Triomphe, explored the shopping avenue and had mouth watering dinner in a restaurant. We reached our hotel and wow most of our luggage had arrived after Mr Mahesh’s long day at the airport and baggage claim department. What a smile and energy did it bring on our tired faces. Now we could show-off our clothes which we had bought especially for our trip.
The next day started off with an American buffet breakfast at the hotel and and then we all left for the Mount of Martyrs which was crowded since it was Easter. There, we had to climb 300 stairs up a spiral tower which kept getting narrower. Oh Gosh ! What an experience it was for all of us! After an extraordinary view of the entire city including the Eiffel Tower, we had another exciting experience of climbing back down.

Later, we went for lunch where we had local French food and then we headed to see the much awaited and gigantic Eiffel Tower. It was pretty much crowded as it was Easter Sunday .We were lifted off the ground by an elevator which took us straight up to Level 2. We spent about half an hour up there, taking pics in the breezy weather and exploring the spectacular view of Paris and Seine River. Our next adventure was Seine Cruise, which was close to the Eiffel Tower. Exploring ancient Paris through the cruise was an amazing experience as we passed through French Assembly, Art Galleries , Eiffel Tower , Notre Dame and other historical land mark. The day’s tour ended with us having our dinner at an Indian restaurant, then leaving for the hotel and dozing off to start a new day with more excitement- The Disneyland was waiting for us !

Monday morning dawned and after breakfast we drove to the  Disney Land. Looking at all of the castles made us wonder about the depth of life in this Disney world. The Disney Land was so huge with two parks and umpteen rides. Exploring without the map was surely an impossible task.

The Tour of Terror, Le Croussal De Lancelot, Disneyland Railroad , Disney Studios, Pirates of the Caribbean and Sleeping Beauty Castle were amongst the few not-to-be-missed rides. We enjoyed our lunch in the eateries at Disneyland and also bought beautiful souvenirs . Full day was also not enough as there was so much to explore. We then headed to the restaurant for our last dinner in Paris. Then we reached our hotel and started packing our bags as we had to sail back home .

We started early morning , checked out and headed to the airport . Checked in, explored Paris Duty Free and boarded the plane to Bahrain and then headed to Dubai. A memorable and fun-filled adventure came to an end .

Au revoir Paris ! We will miss YOU !

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