Pi Day is celebrated on March 14th (3/14) around the world. Pi () is the symbol used in Mathematics to represent a constant — the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter — which is approximately 3.14159. The value of Pi has been calculated to a trillion places of decimal and it continues indefinitely.
 Joining hands with the rest of the world the Oxfordians also celebrated this numerically wonderful day as Pi day with lots of activities involved in it. The day started by an assembly conducted by the Middle school boys. The assembly was informative and interactive. The audience had participation in a short skit prepared by the boys where they learned some importance of Maths in daily lives.  This year, the ancillary staff helped in designing the school vicinity with Pi values.
Students were very enthusiastic to learn about Pi. The celebration started with the cutting of Pi.  The Maths department assigned different activities for each level. Everyone had their share for the Pi vibes in the whole school. Some students even brought cakes and pies for sharing. Students designed Pi badges that were soon given to teachers and school staff.  Students made very wonderful and creative artworks related to Pi. Students learned how Pi was constant in any circular objects. They have created different Pi ‘trees’ and they have also created stories with words in the order of the digits of Pi
The students embarked upon the journey of  finding the infinite values of pi. The task started with a deep internet research of the values of pi to hundreds of decimal places. Each class was divided into different groups and each group took up the task of bringing in a section of decimal places of pi. The students used their creativity in designing the number or decorating the printed number. All the digits were displayed around the field which is more than a kilometer in length.
Memorizing Pi Digits
The Pi memory, which is a competition open for all, is about mastery of the decimal values of Pi. Students and teachers were in awe and amazed on to how the contestants memorized the values of Pi. The winner in the Middle school, Muhammad Haris of 7B3 recited 140 digits of Pi without failure. Lara of 6G1 won the prize by reciting 117 digits, followed by Binish Iqbal 6 G2 – 113 digits and Azwa of 8G2 with 107 digits.
Clock making competition.
Grade 8 & 10 had a competition of making clock with pi digits. They made wonderful variety of working clocks with Pi digits as numbers.
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