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The Oxford School, achieved the second position

Among all schools in Dubai in Qirat competition


On Wednesday April 15, 2015 Dubai National School organized a great Islamic competition in different fields of Islamic Education under the theme ( أهل الإسلام و خاصته ) ( Islam & Real Muslim ).

The competition was under the supervision of the Ministry of Education. A big number of schools in Dubai participated on that day.

The Oxford’s student Raed Shared of Year 9 won the second place in Islam & Real Muslim competition.

He was awarded with a certificate and cash prize. Our teacher, Mr. Hegazy Mohamed was awarded with the Excellent Trainer Certificate.

Special thanks were given to Ms. Aisha, the girl’s trainer and our Supervisor Mrs. Wafa Al Juneidi.

Both received appreciation certificates from Dubai National School.

The prizes & Certificates were distributed by the chief guest, Dr. Omar Abdul-Kafi – who had honored this big event with his attendance. He is a famous as an Islamic activist.


What a great job, Islamic teachers and students!!!!

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