VISIT TO CHILREN’S CITY – YEAR 3 – 23rd October, 2014

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The teachers of Year 3 organized an educational trip to ‘Children’s City’ on Thursday the 23rd of October, 2014. The trip was organized with the aim of exploring knowledge in various areas like Science, History and ICT etc. The group of students along with 7 teachers reached the venue at 9:00 am. After registration the students were taken to different venues where they got to explore knowledge in different areas. The students visited the Arab Culture where they learnt about the country, the culture, the food, and the important tourist attractions of the UAE. The most interesting thing observed was that the costumes of various Arab countries were different.

Secondly, the students visited the ‘International Culture’, where they got to see and learn about diverse cultures of the world such as the food, clothing and shelter of countries like Antarctica, Australia, China and many more. The students took a close view and read about the facts of the human body in the Science room, where they gained knowledge about the functioning of the different parts of the body such as teeth and the human bones.

The Geography Area was the most interesting and fun loving experience, where the students could see as well as experience the various gadgets such as the wind mill, the airplane. The students learnt how each gadget functions and the resources required for its functioning.

A children’s movie based on the planets and the climate on different planets was screened in the planetarium. It was an enjoyable experience. Finally, the students played on the maze and tried to solve puzzles which they recently learnt in their ICT lessons.

As such the field trip to the ‘Children’s City’ was a perfect educational experience where students read, watched, explored and experienced different places, things, events and facts. Finally, students played games in the park and shared food with each other. The day ended with knowledge bundled with fun and enjoyment.

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