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Year 1 green conducted an assembly called ‘SCIENCE IS FUN’.

The session commenced with students greeting the audience, followed by the recitation of a Qur’anic verse. The first experiment on display was the ‘raisin dance’.  The student explained the phenomenon behind the bubbles and the momentum of the raisins.

The next demonstration was about planet Earth along with all the other planets present in our solar system. She cited their names too! The third experiment was about the separation of oil and water, which was visible through the different colours of oil. During this experiment, the student interacted with the audience asking questions like ‘Where is the oil? Did the oil mix in the water?’ This helped the audience internalize the concept and also enjoy the demonstration more.

Another student presented the experiment on different properties of water. We also had a parent who attended and assisted in the assembly. He was thrilled that the assembly was conducted successfully!

Lastly, the students thanked the audience, and the teacher blew soap bubbles for those present to drive home the point that while science is learning it is also fun!

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