Senior Girl’s Inter House Maths Quiz Competition 2014-2015

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The Inter House Senior Math Quiz was organized on 22nd October 2014 at The Oxford School. The contestants from Grades 9 to AS, participated in the quiz with full enthusiasm and zeal. Quizzes like this helps to assess the mathematical skills, proficiency and aptitude of the students. Therefore they have become an integral part of our academic curriculum.

The entire quiz was divided into 5 rounds. The first round was a Preliminary Round followed by the Visual Round. The 3rd round was a Buzzer Round and this was followed by the Media Round. The Rapid Fire Round was the last round which hogged the limelight of the show as it examined the contestants’ in-depth knowledge and their I.Q. level as well. All the rounds were keenly contested. Then came the turn of the audience, the intelligent minds answered the questions with enthusiasm, wisdom and confidence, their involvement was remarkable.

The event was hosted by Maiam Ahmed & Elisia from AS level. The competition among the teams was very tough but in the end, the most exciting, thrilling and evenly contested battle was won by Ruby House. The Ruby House bagged the 1st position with an outstanding performance. The 2nd position was held by Sapphire House whereas the 3rd and 4th positions were grabbed by Emerald House and Topaz House respectively.

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