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Teaching as a leadership

Many of us have been teaching various curricula and have several years of experience as teachers. To enhance these skills a workshop was conducted on 30th November 2014 by Mr. Dawood Vaid, who is the key trainer of Burooj Realization, the non-profit education organziation which he formed and heads. He has presented over 300 workshops across the globe on education through the fun-learn approach, including parenting workshop at Fanaar, Doha, Qatar and Teacher’s training workshops in Singapore, Qatar, Oman, UAE and across 40 Indian cities. He challenged our notions and norms as teachers of the 21st century still using the methods and traditions of 19th century to attract the students of today. His humorous accounts with creative approach to teaching laden with hilarious examples and metaphors gave us food for thought as to what we were creating in our classrooms. His example of creating square pegs for round holes personifies the issue of creating stereotypical individuals not so well equipped with the required skills or smartness to be competent to face the demands of this new age.

His implications to facing and handling challenges of teaching, and being facilitators to allow children to be clear in their objectives and exceed expectations of self and of their parents in their own chosen way.

His simplified account of education perceived by most to be rocket science was clear and concise with examples. He presented to us various techniques like HOOK method and Rule of Three T’s, applicable in class to fuel our minds, urged us to ignite their young spirits to look beyond the text books and know their own strengths and overcome their limitations.

His ideas were innovative and if applied with the right enthusiasm and direction would work wonders in our daily class room interactions. Certainly, God doesn’t call the qualified, he qualifies the called. It was a wonderful session that gave us a broader vision to this vocation chosen by us by the blessing of God.

Written by-Ms. JEMIMA CHERITH, English Teacher at The Oxford School.

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