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Dear Parent,

Please find all necessary details with regards to the 1:1 iPad program mentioned below:


Apple iPad 4

9.7 Inch Retina Display

16 GB, WiFi

Price: 1580 AED

Lower configurations may not allow installation of latest applications, especially with upcoming iOS8. The School cannot assure that the older configurations will work.The School is offering a discounted rate for the iPad with above specifications. However, It is completely optional to buy from the vendor appointed by the school and we will configure the iPad without any charges, irrespective of where it is purchased.

User policy- Terms and conditions and split of responsibility

Children are responsible for:

Charge: Charging your device over night for a full school day usage
Content: Privacy and confidentiality of data , logins and legality of content stored on the iPad other than what is subscribed by the school.
Breakage: Damage internal/external to the device
Learning: Using the device strictly as per the user policy
Adherence: Not delete the configuration of the iPad created by the School.

School is not responsible for:

Supply: Providing your child with an iPad device as per school specifications
Usage: Monitoring and supervising child’s usage of the device outside school
Subscriptions: Provide the child with apps, which will be recommended by the school
Repairs & warranty: Ensure any repairs & warranty services are done in a timely manner
Wifi connection outside premises:At home for continued usage for educational purpose

School is responsible for/ has authority for:

Network: Providing Wired/Wireless internet with appropriate
Inspect: Inspect the IPad device at any given point in time.
Report/ Block: reporting serious breaches/ take disciplinary action & block usage due to unauthorized activity
Filter: Filtering content and network usage in order to protect all users and their devices
Citizenship: Promote safe and appropriate use of social media
Monitor: Monitor activity in school premises
Frequently asked questions

1.Who owns the device?

  • The Child/parent owns the device but the school will be in charge of all academic related updates and will also have control over the device for the entire academic year. Restrictions applied will remain even after school hours.

2. Can we opt out of the program?

  • Not for grade 5 and above. The school works hard at providing the best education for the children who learn here. We have looked carefully at how this will improve the learning experience and it is therefore integrated into our schemes of work as another tool to facilitate learning in the classroom and therefore must be used.

3. Can I install apps other than ones recommended/required by the school?

  • No, The iPad will be controlled/ monitored by the school for the entire academic year.

4. Will I need to create a new Appstore account for my child?

  • Yes, The parents need to configure the iPad with a valid Apple ID, the password for which needs to be shared with the child. Ideally no credit card should be stored in the account. The school will not require the child to purchase any app without prior intimation and consent from parents.

5. How will I keep my child from charging Appstore purchases, installing unwanted apps?

  • The school will subscribe to relevant apps and content and install it on the devices. No additional charge is planned in the introductory year, where the focus is to make the program a success. The students will not have the ability to directly install any application on their iPad. The student may delete all the settings, but cannot modify it. If the settings are deleted, the child cannot use the iPad in the school as they will not be able to connect to the school network.

6. What about damage and theft?

  • If the iPad is damaged/stolen then parents will be responsible for repair or replacement. It is mandatory to have a protective cover for the iPad to ensure maximum protection. We will install apple standard loss protection system, which the student/ parents can use incase of theft/ misplacement to track the iPad themselves. The school will not provide any additional support in such cases.

7. Do I need Wi-Fi at home?

  • Yes, Students will not be able to enjoy the full functionality of the iPad without Wi-Fi at home but some aspects will still work.

8. Will school be able to control the iPad when used off campus?

  • Yes. The school is investing in a profession remote management system, which will give us access to control/ monitor the iPad even after school hours. The student cannot change any settings, but can delete the full configuration. If the student deletes the entire configuration, re-configuring on our network will require an explanation from the parent on why it was removed and a configuration charge of AED 50 each time.

9. Will all textbooks be available on the iPad?

  • Not immediately, we are working closely with major publishers to make effective use. However, the objective of the iPad is not just a replacement of textbooks but several other applications that blend into the curriculum. Textbooks in the current form will largely continue in the immediate future.

10. In the event that my child leaves their iPad at home, what will they do in class?

  • The students should not forget their iPads as the school views this as the same way as remembering their PE kit or Home Study. They will not automatically be given a spare iPad when they come to school if they have forgotten theirs- which may affect the teaching & learning process. It is vital that the student recognizes the iPad as a very important tool which facilitates and enhances their learning.

11. Will I get a warranty or insurance for the device?

  • All Warranty details are to be discussed with the vendor directly, school will not have any involvement in this – even for vendor authorized by the school. The school is not subscribing to any insurance and request the parent to use their best judgment if they want insurance cover for the devices.

11. Will I get a warranty or insurance for the device?

  • All Warranty details are to be discussed with the vendor directly, school will not have any involvement in this – even for vendor authorized by the school. The school is not subscribing to any insurance and request the parent to use their best judgment if they want insurance cover for the devices.

12.Why does school apply restrictions in the iPad?

  • The control system we have invested in and are deploying is both world class and widely deployed standard
  • As we go along in the rollout, iPads will be integral part of teaching and learning, with several teaching and learning resources embedded into the device. This will mean that the child will need the iPad for a very significant time after school
  • The iPad will also be used selectively in classrooms for activities within the curriculum (e.g Reading classes, real time evaluations, feedback etc). As the adoption and usage picks up, every class will have some ICT component built into it. Student work may also be stored on the device. It is therefore not possible for children to share the device
  • A lot of parents have raised concern on how we will control students from getting distracted by content that they can download while at home and use while in school. Having internet restrictions in school alone will not suffice and the system needs to be fool proof.
  • Internet safety is another priority for us and applications once installed cannot be fully controlled or restricted. Hence it is imperative for the school to have full control over applications installed. We will be open to suggestion from students on other applications they want and will allow it once assessed.
  • After a while, we plan to switch to a “restricted apps” scenario, where we will prohibit use of certain applications and keep things open otherwise. However, at this point we require to maintain full control of what is installed

13.Are the student iPad Usage log monitored?

  • The school will not maintain any log of student activity. We only have access to information on the websites accessed overall by all students. Hence there is no risk of any data leakage or privacy invasion.
  • We have the ability to track back to identify if a student has accessed prohibited website on a given day/week, but it is a manual process
  • The parent can access the browser history to get to know usage at any point. No additional features for tracking/ logging are planned at this point.
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