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             “Exposure to Science results in curiosity.” 

The most exciting learning event happened in The Oxford School this year on the 18th of Jan 2014 called the SCIFEST. Hands – on exploration of Scientific Principles and display of talent in the field of Science in terms of public speaking and Project displays took place. The day started with the Science Assembly where the Senior boys highlighted the much talked about topic in Dubai, “Expo 20-20”. The students spoke about how it will benefit the world and take the United Arab Emirates to new heights. This was followed by the Fancy Dress of young Scientists and Public Speaking on “ Amazing Facts in Science”.

The students of Grade 7 and 8 filled the atmosphere with amazing Scientific discoveries as well as the wonders of the Almighty, which is well too often overlooked by majority.
Experimental work is an essential part of Science. An experiment is a test, trial or tentative procedure for the purpose of discovering something unknown. The Science Challenge where the students had to make a project in 90 minutes was just this. While the Senior students competed in making a 2- storey tower of straws which could hold a weight of 250 grams, the middle school students tried their hands in making 5 layer Density tower using household substances, Proving Newton’s third Law of motion, a syringe generator etc.
Students also performed some simple experiments where they tested the pH of day- to – day substances that they use and marvelled at the concepts in magnetism.

Physics is an open ended subject whose study is never complete unless the theories taught in class are put to test by doing experiments. The highlight of the day was the rocket launching competition where the Senior students had constructed their own rockets. The fun part and the most enjoyable experience for parents and students alike was the demonstrations of LIVE CHEMISTRY EXPERIMENTS where the students proved some important facts in Chemistry and displayed the magical world of chemicals.

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