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On 29th of September, the AS and A level classes went to Al Noor Training Centre for Children with Special Needs for a basic introduction on what we can expect if we choose to do volunteer work at the centre. Firstly, they explained to us why the students at Al Noor needed special training; they explained that these children had development problems making them need special training just to do daily tasks like brushing their teeth. At this centre, their main aim is to help the children use their maximum potential, moreover, aiding the children in living independent lives among the community.

Secondly, we were shown a video which described the facilities provided for the children and how this centre works. We were also told about how we could help the institution financially by participating in the different fundraising programs. Thirdly, we were given a tour of the whole institute; they showed us the different learning facilities there were and we also met some of the students. They have this career oriented program where they train the students according to their potential career. We met many faculty members who were former students at the school. They teach many skills such as bakery, wood design technology, fashion design, etc. They use high technology for education and communication with the students.

Finally, I’d like to express that it was an eye opening experience for us. It made us realize how blessed we are. At least, to an extent, we are able live independently; however, the lovely children at this centre aren’t able to carry out simple tasks like eating with a spoon, or saying hello. None the less, SubhanAllah, they are the sweetest people I’ve ever met. This little trip has made me step back and take a look at my life, making me realize how good I have it.


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