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Visit to the Sharjah Classic Car Museum

On 28th of September 2014, our boys from Year 6-8 were taken on an educational trip to the Sharjah Classic Car Museum.Located next to Sharjah International Airport, this museum displays over 100 vintage vehicles dating back to the early 20th century.

We reached the museum at 9:30 AM and were greeted by the pleasant staff there. Students were mesmerized seeing a variety of ancient cars and continued taking photographs once entered the place. While car lovers nowadays pay more attention to a vehicle’s specifications such as horse power and engine and rim sizes, they can now acquire a better understanding of the historical value behind a collection of cars dating back to the 1900’s at the Sharjah Classic Car Museum. Displaying more than 90 antique cars from five different eras, the museum takes its visitors through a timeline from when the first vehicle made and how cars have transformed in this time.

“The museum shows the development in the car industry throughout the 20 century,” the Museum’s Curator Abdul Rahman Ali Ebrahim Al Hamadi told Gulf News. First opened in 2008, the museum was renovated in January 2013 and re-opened introducing five galleries that display the development of cars according to different time periods.

The boys learned the historical value of classic cars and became better acquainted with parts of an engine and how they function.They were asked to submit a questionnaire related to the trip and the museum. Overall, the educational trip was found to be very purposeful and informative and was justifiably enjoyed by the youngsters at The Oxford School.

Beenish Afsar

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