Young Business Talent Hunt Competition 2014

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Young Business Talent Hunt Competition 2014

Year 11 students from the Commerce Department participated enthusiastically in the “The Inter-School Young Business Talent hunt 2014”, which was organised by the Skyline University, Sharjah on the 21st-22nd October 2014. The competition was divided into four categories which included; Advertisement Design, Proposal for a New Business, Proposal for Non Profit organization for Social Causes and a Proposal for a new mobile application. More than 100 schools had participated in this competition and Oxfordians were one of them. The school was represented by one team from the boys’ section and the other one from the girls’ section. Both the teams had chosen to present the proposal for a New Business Idea. The enterprising students from Oxford School rose to the challenge & ardently participated in the competition. Although the teams could not make it to the finals, they showed immense courage and creativity . The boys’ team proposed to launch a solar powered battery and the girls proposed a smart watch with graphical hologram stories.

We hope the competition helped our students in honing their business talents to become successful entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

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