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BREAKING NEWS!!! We are delighted to announce that The Oxford School received approval from KHDA to conduct FS1 classes. Please contact our admission officer/ reception for further details. | Admissions are open for Academic Year 2021-22 | Hassel free admission process | Commendable results at the Cambridge board exams 2019-20 for IGCSE & AS/A Levels! | Overall IGCSE A*- B percentage : 74.19% ,Overall IGCSE A*- C percentage : 90.28%, Overall AS Level A – B percentage : 77.61%, Overall AS Level A – C percentage : 90.58%, Overall A Level A*- B percentage : 88.43%, Overall A Level A*- C percentage : 94.00%

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What Is the Importance of Primary Schools in Your Child’s Development?

Primary schools are the first stage of life where a child gets to interact with people more than their parents. This is a place where they are children interact with other children through which they grow. Thus, Primary schools in Dubai bring are the first step to building the basic framework of a child’s future. […]

Primary schooling is not that important” — A Myth You Must Forego Now!

Early education and development of a child is an imperative stepping stone in a child’s onset into the real world. As far-fetched as it sounds, a strong, cohesive, and foundational education at a young age can make a significant mark on a student’s future. There are many remarkable primary schools in Dubai that work hard […]

Memories for eons
Memories for eons
Best British school in Sharjah Dubai
Best British School in Dubai

Dubai, a city of modern consciousness, has been a centre of attraction for all modern infrastructure lovers. Whether it be school, education, games, fitness or anything, Dubai is just fantastic. It is not strange that people look for the best british school in Dubai. Basically, there are only a few doubts in our mind when […]

Tips to deal with back-to-school anxiety

Anna D’Mello The Oxford School, Dubai I, as a student, believe that most students get quite nervous, yet stay excited about the first day at school. The students look forward to reuniting with friends because they haven’t seen each other for months. They also get nervous just thinking about excessive homework or even feeling homesick. […]

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