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Activities & Facilities: British Curriculum Schools in Dubai

Activities & Facilities: British Curriculum Schools in Dubai

The immensely acclaimed British National Curriculum is popular for the application-based approach that it offers for the holistic development of the students. This is why the British schools in Sharjah are a common choice with numerous parents in the family-friendly emirate.

With no shortage of British schools, the educational curriculum in Sharjah popularly follows the mixed program that incorporates IGCSE or International General Certificate of Secondary Education. In addition, various prominent Sharjah British schools offer an A-level curriculum.

The approach of these British schools towards education engages the students in the learning procedure and also offers arts, science, sports, and medical facilities.

About Sharjah’s famous British Schools

Here are the 4 major things that you must know about the Sharjah British schools.

  • Dedicated educators – The faculties of the British schools are immensely dedicated to creating a good learning environment that encourages the children to build confidence and achieve high expectations and standards. The educators lead initiatives that go above and beyond classroom learning via various activities in the schoolhouses.

Moreover, they present school-wide campaigns on the topics related to student’s wellbeing. The teachers of art and design technology continuously encourage students to bring art and artists to life. The students who want to develop sports skills can also join the sports club where they can get assistance from the professional faculty.

  • Successful AS and IGCSE results – Each year, a great number of students from the Sharjah British schools graduate with all A’s in the A-level final examinations. Moreover, various students achieve A* in all nine IGCSE subjects. The pass rate of the students in both AS and IGCSE results are also commendable. Therefore, it can be said that the students here become capable of achieving dedication and resilience, which lead them to a new chapter of the great academic journey.
  • Supporting community – A supporting community is of utmost importance in terms of student’s development. Therefore, the key value offered to the students by the Sharjah British schools is supporting and caring for each other. They ensure that the students must feel safe, happy, and above all, fulfilled. The care initiatives and pastoral well-being programs take care of the students’ emotional and physical welfare and good health.

The teachers monitor the student’s progress both socially and academically. They encourage the students to greater commitment, involvement, good behavior, and topmost standards of works. The teachers are well aware of the family structures, social development, friendship patterns, issues at home, information of student’s records, leisure interests, etc. Another thing is that they monitor each student’s progress based on provided data, subject knowledge issues, and parents’ interactions.

  • Well-rounded school experience – From sports Olympiads to house competitions, from student council to overseas trips, the Sharjah British schools offer students a well-rounded student life. The experience is focused on the house system of the British schools. There are four different houses, and in year 1, each student is assigned to a particular house.

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