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Ayaan Chowdhury Story

Ayaan Chowdhury Story






“A Bachelor’s degree at the University of Toronto is only the beginning of my academic career. I want to pursue a master’s and eventually a Ph.D. in Neuroscience, which will also hopefully be in the University of Toronto, as it is well known for its research output. I want to pursue this in such a manner that I can indulge in the mystery that is the human mind, and discover knowledge previously unknown to us, that can be applied and utilized to address the most pressing issues disrupting our world, be it as a research assistant, or as an independent researcher.”  These were the academic objectives of Ayaan Chowdhury our ex-student (class of 2020-21).

His firm mindset, excellent grades, leadership qualities, and extracurriculars helped him acquire a scholarship at the prestigious University of Toronto Mississauga.  Here he is pursuing a specialist program in Neuroscience. Considering that very few international students are awarded this prestigious scholarship, The Oxford school is indeed proud that our Oxfordian Ayaan Chowdhury received it. The title of this scholarship is “The University of Toronto International Scholar Award.”

He received a scholarship of the full value of $ 180,000 over 4 years which is almost 100%.

Ayaan Chowdhury was an exceptional student in more ways than one. For starters, his subjects at A levels were Biology, Chemistry, and Mathematics and he has an exceptional academic record, but what distinguishes Ayaan from other students is his remarkable co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.

An example is his participation in the Chemistry Seminar, where he led the marketization and feasibility department, while still being an essential part of the Bioplastic experimentation team. He demonstrated exemplary interpersonal skills and leadership qualities, making him a crucial part of any team, producing plastic that could be mass-produced in less-economically-developed countries while being environmentally safe.

He also participated in the adoption of the school’s initiative, where he taught English to underprivileged Indian students over the internet, and persevered to succession regardless of the language barrier.

He is currently in his second year, where he is exploring a research opportunity program along with his education.

His qualities and academic excellence made him an amazing candidate for this scholarship, and he received it on his merit. It is undeniable that he will be a priceless asset to the University of Toronto Mississauga.