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Best British schools in Dubai

Best British schools in Dubai

For parents working in UAE and planning to shift their families, this article would be the right choice for you to read. UAE is a country where the majority of the residents are from different parts of the world. Therefore, the schools have adopted changes as per the community demands. Sending your children to a school in Dubai is researchable and hard leg work. However, it would help if you were happy to know that there are the best British schools in Dubai for your children. Before sending your children to school, it’s good to understand a different thing about an ideal British school.

Things to Consider before getting admission to the best British Schools in Dubai

Fees Structure

One of the major problems parents have to face in Dubai is its lavish lifestyle. Nothing is for granted in Dubai, and you have to pay higher to live a good life. When it comes to schools, then you have to consider the budget as well. However, make sure not to trap the cost only. You also have to look at other objective factors like the student scores.


Curriculum becomes an essential thing for children to become better and competitive individuals. When it comes to the British curriculum, then you should focus on each and everything. Do in-depth research on the things you are well-known about. For that, you can consider various British schools and their curriculums. Based on your satisfaction, you can easily select the school that is preferable for your children.

Know the Ratings

KHDA is a platform that yearly publishes a comprehensive report of every British school in Dubai. In this way, you can analyze the good or not schools for the children based on their performance. The best part about this report is that it gives different information for every school. You can easily visit their official website and can check out the current rankings of the schools.

Which are the best British Schools in Dubai?

Selecting the best British schools in Dubai can become a hectic task. Therefore, you might get into the trap of selecting the one from it.

When you have our support, you don’t have to worry about anything. We have researched a lot about all the schools and found the one that can meet all your requirements. Yes, we are talking about “The Oxford School.” The school is working hard for a long time to bring quality education and kids to flourish in society. Not only that, they have a flexible fee structure, a well-reputable rating, and an outstanding and updated British curriculum.