A glance at the British education system before enrolling your Children at British curriculum schools in Dubai – The Oxford School Dubai

A glance at the British education system before enrolling your Children at British curriculum schools in Dubai

A glance at the British education system before enrolling your Children at British curriculum schools in Dubai

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The UAE is a fast-paced country with the education sector booming at a pace quite similar to technology and business. With schools and options increasing, parents often jump on to the bandwagon when it comes to enrolling their children at British curriculum schools in Dubai. What they fail to do is weigh the what’s and the ifs. Every child has unique learning needs and providing an education that the child feels comfortable in should be one aspect that parents prioritise while choosing a school.

What do you know about British Curriculum?

Take any A-level school in Dubai, British curriculum is by standard described as a system of education that stresses creativity, critical thinking, and flexibility. The curriculum further focuses on achievable goals, each of which is determined and designed to build on the preparation each student puts in for their future work.

There are certain standards that British curriculum schools must follow. While this is created in terms of the UK regulations, this applies even to affordable British curriculum schools in Dubai. The standards that are applicable globally include:

  • The quality of education provided
  • Moral, social, emotional and cultural development of students
  • Welfare, health and safety of students
  • Suitability of academic and non-academic staff
  • Quality of management of the schools
  • Complaint handling process and more.

The curriculum followed by the Best British schools in Dubai is comprehensive and equalised. The wide range of subjects that covers everything from arts to science and humanities are taught systematically in each stage. For instance, students learn the basics of numeracy and literacy at the foundation stage of the curriculum and as they progress to the primary level, students are taught the fundamentals of mathematics and English. Various subjects are introduced at different levels based on the cognitive and learning levels of the students.

The learning itself is divided into Key Stages’ (KS), based on students’ age and academic progress. British curriculum level hence starts at Early Years (Ages 2 to 5 then primary level and KS1 (Ages 5 to 7), followed by KS2 (Ages 7 to 11) which further progresses to Secondary levels consisting of KS3 (Ages 11 to 14) and KS4 (Ages 14 to 16). At pre-university level is known as KS5 (ages of 16 to 18). The learning model is highly personalised based on the kills and progress levels of each student.

Another noteworthy aspect of the British curriculum is that it provides some globally accepted qualifications too.  For instance, students in British curriculum schools in Dubai can appear for (I)GCSE examinations at the end of Key Stage 4 and A-Levels at the end of Key Stage 5. Both examinations are recognised worldwide and open up a great many opportunities.

In a conclusion, it is also important for parents to know that good quality British education doesn’t always require British teachers to deliver it. It depends more on how qualified and experienced the teachers are and not on their nationality.

The Oxford School follows the UK National Curriculum through Cambridge Pathway for students from Foundation Stage (FS) to Post-16. The school curriculum is localised to match the requirements for schools in Dubai and is supplemented by the UAE Ministry of Education. The school’s curriculum is skill-based and helps in making the students more confident, thoughtful, and responsible individuals.