CURRICULUM – The Oxford School Dubai



At the Oxford School we understand the importance of children
leading their own learning and learning through structured play.
We offer the necessary balance of ‘teacher-led’ input and ‘pupilinitiated’ learning. We create a supportive, stimulating context
in the school indoor and outdoor learning areas for learners to
play and engage in enquiry, discovery and reflection. We want
our learners to be confident in expressing their ideas, happy to
make independent choices and keen to explore the world
around them.
The curriculum followed in FS1 and FS2 is based on the Early
Years Foundation Stage Curriculum.
It is important to us that, children are encouraged to think and
talk about what they are learning and how they are developing,
using the language of learning even at this young age. This is
an early approach to ‘metacognition’, enabling the children to
begin to see themselves as learners and build on their love of
Learning habits and routines are very important and we teach
pupils how to look after and enjoy the resources around them.
We aim to make the learning relevant to children’s lives though
our EYFS themes and colourful, lively, learning environment,
and we place the pupils’ individual interests and choices at the
heart of the classroom so they own their learning.

Our Early Learning Goals:

Communication and language
The development of children’s spoken language underpins all seven areas of learning and development.

Personal, social and emotional development
Underpinning their personal development are the important attachments that shape their social world.

It is crucial for children to develop a life-long love of reading. Reading consists of two dimensions: language comprehension and word reading.

Developing a strong grounding in number is essential so that all children develop the necessary building blocks to excel mathematically.

Expressive arts and design
The development of children’s artistic and cultural awareness supports their imagination and creativity.

Physical development
Physical activity is vital in children’s all-round development, enabling them to pursue happy, healthy and active lives.

Understanding the world
Understanding the world involves guiding children to make sense of their physical world and their community.