CURRICULUM – The Oxford School Dubai



From Year 1 to 6, we follow the English National Curriculum
adapted by our staff to have a global dimension and to be
relevant to children living in the U.A.E.
At The Oxford School Primary, we value the importance of all
subjects equally and have identified the key knowledge we
feel our children should have mastered by the time they
leave us and progress to secondary school .
The core of the curriculum is set, but teachers are
empowered to group areas of learning together to create
topics which are of interest and relevant. We also value
cross curricular learning so that children make links
between different subjects. In addition we pay equal status
to the teaching of Arabic, Islamic and Moral Education.

Teachers plan together as a team, sharing responsibility for
understanding how the curriculum progresses across the
year groups and why. As we teach in subjects, we make sure
the children understand what it is to be a historian, an artist,
a writer and so on.