CURRICULUM – The Oxford School Dubai


YEARS 10 & 11

The Key Stage 4 is a two-year course of study culminating
in IGCSE examinations at the end of Year 11. Both CAIE
(Cambridge Assessment International Education) and
Pearson Edexcel qualifications are offered.
Students will pursue eight IGCSE qualifications. Students
follow flexible pathways which are designed based on the
student needs and interest.
The different subjects taught:
MOE Subjects: Moral Education, UAE Social Studies, Islamic
Studies (for Muslim students) and Arabic (All students except
Year 11 Non-Arab students).
Compulsory Subject : English, Mathematics, Geography, ICT
and PE
Optional Subjects: Physics, Art & Design, Chemistry,
Biology, Accounting, French, Urdu, Business Studies,
Economics, Psychology, Travel and tourism, Enterprise,
Combined Science, Computer Science, Environmental
Management, Sociology and English Literature. Students
choose 4 out of the 13 subjects offered.
Value Education is taught to non-Muslim students. Sessions
on Careers, opportunities for research and Community
Engagement serve as a starting point towards preparing
students for future studies and work life