CURRICULUM – The Oxford School Dubai



The Key Stage 3 curriculum builds on the foundation of the
earlier years in school and is the first step in preparing
students for the board examinations they will take later at
the end of their learning journey in secondary school. There
is increased emphasis on subject teaching, independent
study, application of knowledge and skills to real life
situations, creativity, deeper and critical thinking. Weaving
the core values of the school, learning across subjects and
outside the classrooms results in a broad and enriched

The different subjects taught:
MOE Subjects: Moral Education, UAE Social Studies, Islamic
Studies (for Muslim students) and Arabic.
Others: English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities, ICT,
French/Urdu, Value Education (for Non-Muslim students),
Art, PE, and Music (only for Years 7 and 8).
Various club activities, robotics and well-being sessions
further enrich the curriculum