After School Enrichment Program(ASEP) - The Oxford School Dubai

After School Enrichment Program(ASEP)

One of the major goals of The Oxford School is to make provisions for the holistic growth of our children and equip them with knowledge and skills intrinsic to competing in a global community. In order to assist our students in accomplishing these goals, as well as offer them the opportunity to learn and develop skills, we have introduced a structured eight week After School Enrichment Program. As the name suggests this program will support student enrichment and be based on the students’ interests.

Trainers and coaches are invited from professional backgrounds to enhance the After School Program to the highest possible standards. We aim to offer a structured environment that fosters good health and gives children the option of attending an after school program instead of an unsupervised alternative. Being accepted by friends and instructors through games and activities will help the kids accept themselves and broaden their perspective in different academic and sporting areas.

The program is open to students from Years 3 to Year 11, depending on the activity selected.

All Programmes Will Be Held Once A Week For 8 Weeks

We believe that Personality is one of the Key factors that a child should develop from his childhood and Public Speaking is one of the most effective skills that help in personality development. This course offered by The Prestigious GAACCS Training Institute, which is affiliated to the Trinity College London.

MythBusters club focus on entertaining and educational take on common assumptions or “myths” about the world around us. The goal of this club is to provide a supervised environment with extra-curricular activity, based on our students’ most curious scientific minds and interests.

MythBusters club communicates many aspects of the scientific method not usually covered in the classroom: the use of experimental controls, the use of logical reasoning, the importance of objectivity, the operational definitions, the small-scale testing, the interpretation of results, and the importance of repeatability of results. This club will help you by providing a good platform to express your ideas.

It is an established fact that Abacus training promotes Whole-Brain Development. The Concept of thinking in pictures does not help just arithmetic ability but enhances overall academic proficiency. Abacus Math enhances a child’s imaginative power, enabling the mind to hold a photographic memory. This training increases memory power, sharpens the mental processes of a child and creates a better base for numbers and learning Mathematical formulae. The program is run by the BRAIN BOX INSTITUTE, UAE.

The karate Club will be run by the United Karate Centre Group, which was established in 1979 and has been serving the community by offering classes in the traditional Okinawan and Japanese martial arts. The teachers are highly trained and been in this field for decades. They have travelled to places as far as Okinawa (Japan), Germany, USA and Malaysia to train under the guidance of the highest-ranking Grandmasters of the styles they teach, ensuring that the martial arts they pass on to their students remain in its original form; undiluted and uninfluenced by the temptations of the modern world.

This club focuses on developing the game of football amongst the enthusiasts.

A battle of wits and metal between competing teams.  A session designed to prime the participants for project to build the robot in small groups, with constant oversight from the coaches . There will be mini soccer match with robots build during the sessions and tem them to the limits. This helps to build critical thinking and problem solving skill by challenging yourself to build a working robot. One can develop career in the field of robotics and also get life time guidance and counselling from the academy’s global expert community.

Conducted by Roots Stalk Academy –

We are glad to be collaborating with Ahdaaf Sports Club to introduce an optional professional football coaching at school. The programme will be led by Mark McCarrick – Director of Football, who is a Qualified FA licenced coach, fully CRB checked, first aid and had child protection certificates. Mark has played Professional football at Birmingham City, Lincoln City, Tranmere Rovers and Crewe, he went abroad playing in Hong Kong, Finland, New Zealand and Canada before retiring and becoming an FA qualified coach. His experience includes owning and operating Soccer Schools in Portugal for over 10 years – Coaching boys and girls from all over the world, has given Mark the opportunity to work with children and families from different ethnic backgrounds. Links with several Professional International Football clubs, gives Mark the opportunity to send talented young footballers for football trials. Several of Marks students have been signed by Benfica Football Club – Portugal.

A form of expression and we encourage students to develop their talents. Music education programs specifically designed to students of varying ages, while fully exploring the power of music and its positive effects on academic achievement, social, and mental development. It strengthens physical flexibility and feel more balanced and grounded.