Best Schools in Dubai - The Oxford School Community Programme


Community Enrichment Programme

The Oxford School believes that it’s most important responsibility is to create responsible & compassionate human beings who are well equipped to support & be a productive part of our community. With this objective in mind a formal Community Enrichment Program (CEP) is in place & it is an integral part of the school curriculum.

CEP helps our sixth form students to interact & forge links not only within the school community but also with the community at large. The activities planned under the CEP help to increase our students’ participation in community service & also sensitizes students to the needs of the community at large.

Our CEP is implemented as follows:

Face to face Service

Students have a direct contact with those benefiting from the service. For example: mentoring at school; interacting with special needs students; visiting charitable organizations.

Non- Contact Service

Students perform a service without having a direct contact with the beneficiaries. Usually resources/funds are are collected to address a chosen issue. For example: toys, food & clothing drives, fundraisers, environmental projects, etc.

Students Voice

Student representatives educate the student body about a chosen issue every week through assemblies, skits or posters. The aim is to create awareness & hence try to address the cause of the issue. Our Community Enrichment Program encompasses the following areas:

  • Teach-in Day
  • Visiting and serving at social organizations—association with Al Manzil
  • Organizing fund raising activities at school
  • Assisting with cover duties
  • Registration with EEG & participation in their programs
  • School environmental club
  • Charity drives
  • Character building workshops
  • Mentoring primary & junior Students
  • Volunteering for management of events
  • Hosting events at school
  • My voice – My world
  • Road Safety campaigns
  • Story telling sessions
  • Read with me
Community Enrichment Program Initiatives 2020-2021
  • International day of peace
  • ICT Fair
  • World Food Day
  • Yawm Al Khidmah – Honoring The Ancillary Staff
  • Pink Day At School
  • Internship For Sixth Form Begins – Al Noor Center For Children With Special Needs`
  • Dubai fitness challenge
  • Grand parent day
  • Breast cancer awareness session
  • Draw from your home-Huawei voice of future generation
  • Expo 2020 music UK pavilion
  • Anti-bulling webinar
  • ADNOC STEM Challenge
  • Internal Teachers day celebration
  • Universal children’s day celebration
  • REACH Campaign – awareness of certain diseases
  • Expo 2020 Knowledge and earning week.
  • Go Wild Dubai – Art competition
  • Arabic Reading Day
  • Magic Door
  • Poetry Day
  • International Science Day
Community Enrichment Programme Initiatives
  • Safety in and out of school workshops
  • Oxford Orchard – kitchen garden
  • School 4 School Initiative – adopting a less privileged
  • Qasr Al Hasn Virtual Cultural tour
  • 8th National Math Contest
  • UAE National Day – Tree plantation day to honor the heritage
  • Commemoration Day
  • White winter Carnival
  • Pi Day
  • Workshop on Stress Management
  • Green Entrepreneurship to use recycled materials for creating indoor plants
  • Food Security book – food security and agricultural products
  • Effective parenting talk
  • The Oxfords Herbarium
  • Waste free tiffin