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Primary schooling is not that important” — A Myth You Must Forego Now!

Primary schooling is not that important” — A Myth You Must Forego Now!

The early childhood or primary years are very precious and bear immense significance in carving the children’s future ahead. The budding little beings within the elementary age group are curious, interactive, joyful, and visual learners who need nurturing learning environments to discover, grow, and prosper. As one of the leading primary schools in Dubai, the Oxford School is on the mission to offer young adolescent minds the safe space they deserve.

Oxford is breaking the conventional teaching norms by implementing an innovative child-centric approach. Following the National Curriculum of the UK and the Cambridge Educational Standards, the Oxford School brings an exemplary schooling atmosphere that builds an innate desire in students to learn and grow.

Why is Primary Education Crucial?

Every stage of schooling is precious and important to meet the child’s age-specific needs. However, in the early years, where the young minds are eager to learn and desperate to discover, it becomes imperative to inculcate healthy learning habits and build strong mental and emotional resilience. It turns into teamwork from both parents and teachers, as kids spend their valuable time in elementary schools where it plays a fundamental role in their life.

Following is a list of three promising factors that specify the importance of primary education for kids:

1.   Exposure to Real World:

The early years make up the first formal schooling experience for the tiny tots. It marks the beginning of their long journey through real-world challenges. Primary schools in Dubai nurture multicultural learning spaces that teach them resilience, collaboration, and teamwork.

From learning basic literacy, numeracy, and social skills to building practical knowledge on tackling real-life problems, primary schools ensure that the students are well equipped to face the challenges and competition in their future.

2.   Emotional Development:

Children of primary-aged groups experience a whirlpool of emotions and are not capable enough to manage their excitements and big feelings. Primary schools in Dubai recognize the impact of emotional awareness and have professional faculties to help children traverse through their spirit and enthusiasm.

Teachers play a crucial role in teaching healthy coping strategies to young minds and equip them with complimentary emotional skills in the long run.

3.   Overall Growth:

With schools like Oxford, the scenario of primary education has transformed from teaching mere academics to fostering overall growth in children. Our focus is to build both educational and personality development skills in children to turn them into confident, self-aware, and knowledgeable future citizens.

Why Prefer the Oxford School over Other Primary Schools in Dubai?

The Oxford School visions a generation of kind, compassionate, independent, and creative learners who are sensitive and tolerant towards the needs of a diverse global society. To turn this vision into reality, we strive hard to impart high-class education as a subtle mixture of exceptional academics and valuable social skills.

The Oxford school has earned and become one of the top primary schools in Dubai due to the following distinctive qualities:

·        No-Pressure Academics:

We live by a simple teaching philosophy – ‘Naturally inclined learning without pressure.’ Our teaching methodologies are innovative, interactive, joyous, highly motivating, and encourage the innate desire in children to study and learn. We neither pressurize nor force rote-learning.

·        Professional Teaching Faculty:

What makes a primary school immensely beneficial for kids is the teaching faculty at the institution. At Oxford, we have a team of skillful educators who excel at the art of teaching and bear considerable experience in various fields. They are highly qualified and possess apt expertise to impart 21st-century learning to the future innovators of the world.

·        National Curriculum of the UK:

The British curriculum is renowned for its student-centric, holistic, and comprehensive approach. It is internationally valued and is ideal for wholesome development in children of all ages. At Oxford, we merge this curriculum with our expert faculty, passionate administration, and hard work to create an engaging learning environment.

·  State-of-the-art Infrastructure:

Our primary focus has always been to create an engaging study environment to enhance student involvement and encourage independence. Hence, we have developed a comfortable infrastructure to step towards attaining a superior ambiance for the students. Well-ventilated, spacious classrooms, colorful boards, group seating together make learning pleasurable.

·        Pastoral Care:

The pastoral care feature at Oxford enables guided leadership and development programs to enhance students’ teamwork and collaborative abilities. The Student Council Body and Prefectorial Body work together to bring extra-curricular activities that prepare young minds for future challenges.

Explore, Excel, and Escalate with the Oxford School

The Oxford School is committed to transforming the young generations towards growth and upliftment with its invincible teaching methodologies. With core values being compassion, generosity, honesty, respect, and cooperation, we are treading the path of becoming one of the best primary schools in Dubai. Join us to explore the beautiful journey of educating and excelling our children.