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Primary schooling is not that important” — A Myth You Must Forego Now!

Primary schooling is not that important” — A Myth You Must Forego Now!

Early education and development of a child is an imperative stepping stone in a child’s onset into the real world. As far-fetched as it sounds, a strong, cohesive, and foundational education at a young age can make a significant mark on a student’s future. There are many remarkable primary schools in Dubai that work hard to develop your child’s life — for early education may seem easy, but is as important as any other phase of life.

The goal of early childhood education should be to activate the child’s own natural desire to learn.~ Maria Montessori

While achieving high graduation rates is a worthy goal in and of itself, it is certainly not the only positive outcome that arises from enrolling children in preschool. Multiple organizations list several studies that show the vast benefits of early childhood education — reduced juvenile delinquency, better scores on standardized tests, a greater ability to move through the grades without having to repeat any and, of course, greater employment levels, and more.

The evidence makes it clear: early childhood education is a worthwhile investment. Parents who enroll their children in primary schools should do so, as it provides their kids with a significant step up in life.

Young learners tend to absorb information better when backed by visual, tactile, and tangible appeals. Words don’t make as much impact on them as action does. If you are a parent in Dubai, lucky for you – educational institutes in the city thrive because of robust infrastructure and progressive methodology.

So, how do primary schools in Dubai ensure that young and impressionable minds are being offered education perfectly amalgamated with vibrancy and fun?

  1. Early education teaches kids how to be students. While it’s true that students shouldn’t be stuck at a desk all day and that they do some of their best learning out in the real world, the reality is that much of our formal education takes place inside a classroom. Early childhood education teaches kids how to learn and how to conduct themselves in a school. Formal education enhances discipline in a child’s behaviour, a virtue necessary for their future.
  2. Physical activity in the early years of a student’s life is a lifelong habit they must possess for better mental and physical wellbeing. Playing around in the park, making sandcastles in the school’s backyard, taking turns on the swing — all of these tiny actions bring a child a step closer to better overall health. As pupils grow, the strains of intense examinations and test scores in middle and high school forbid them from having an active physical education. Hence, early childhood education’s focus on physical activities becomes extremely important.
  3. A newly emerged challenge primary schools in Dubai face is from guardians and parents of the children. In this competitive age, parents, in wanting their children to be high achievers, believe academics should be the main focus of early childhood education. To tackle this, primary schools in Dubai make sure that there is a fine balance between education and entertainment.

Early education in primary schools in Dubai put more emphasis on bringing out the best in every student and letting them shine in their own unique way, instead of pinning them against each other at a tender age.

A child miseducated is a child lost. ~ John F. Kennedy