The Best British Education Schools in Dubai - The Oxford School Dubai

The Best British Education Schools in Dubai

The Best British Education Schools in Dubai

British schools are famous for their embracement for creativity and individualism. The British curriculum is characterized by interdisciplinary development and systematic growth stages throughout the school years. Students get to explore different facets of their personalities and hone their skills in diverse fields. The British curriculum is structured yet flexible. It allows the child to enjoy the freedom of education while being guided through proper steps at the same time. The Oxford School, Dubai, was established in 1988. It caters to all the quintessential elements of a whole British school to ensure your child moulds themself to be an ideal adult. The Oxford School ensures that core values of friendship, integrity, and honesty are naturally instilled in pupils over their years studying under the school’s roof.

Here are some of the many other benefits of why you should choose to nurture your child through the aid of one of the best British curriculum schools in Dubai:

  1. The systematic approach to culminating and evaluating grades and marks is very accurate. The curriculum takes into consideration not only technical subjects but also extracurriculars. We encourage children to partake in arts and sports for their all-round growth.
  2. The Oxford School was established more than 30 years ago. The veteran administration and operations of the school offer the best faculty with solid expertise to the students. The goal of the educators at Oxford is not to dictate the students’ minds but to lead them. The free will of thoughts is placed on a pedestal here at Oxford!
  3. Your child comes back from school, throws her bag on the floor, is exhausted, and falls on the bed. Is this scene too familiar in your household? We are conscious of the generic environment a child in today’s world grows up in. The comparisons on social media, the everyday exertion, and the need to be the best. At Oxford, your child will never be drained again! We ensure a student’s time at Oxford is characterized by their growth mindset and isn’t through rote learning and forced schedules.
  4. Is your child an avid reader? Loved to be dramatic? Has a knack for technology? Enjoys drowning herself in the world of art and colours? You name it—we have a club for it! Extracurriculars are way more critical than you’d imagine. Outside of a classroom’s constrained environment, art rooms and music rooms are when a brain is nourished. The Oxford School offers commendable sports facilities, art houses, music clubs, theatre stages, public speaking and writing forums, and much more! Let your child’s imagination run wild and free at Oxford!

The Oxford School, Dubai, is the best educational institute for your child! Oxford provides you with top-notch faculty, infrastructure, and an environment with endless possibilities and diverse opportunities to unlock. Our mission is to develop a community of creative and independent learners, sensitive and tolerant to the needs of a diverse global society. We’ve successfully taught such respectable values to our students in the past. Now we wish to do the same for your child!