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Top Tips & Tricks British Schools in Sharjah

Top Tips & Tricks British Schools in Sharjah

Sharjah is the UAE’s third most populous city, according to the population density graph. It has a population of over 800,000 people. It is located in the middle of the Farsi and Omani gulfs and provides 7.4% to the UAE’s GDP.

Sharjah may legitimately be named the artistic centre of the United Arab Emirates thanks to its wide range of ethnic, theological, and national characteristics.

As a result of its status as a cultural hub, Sharjah is home to some of the greatest educational institutions serving parents and students from all over the world. Sharjah has a large variety of schools that use the British curriculum. O level institutions in Sharjah that follow the British Curriculum are becoming increasingly popular among expats due to an increase in the amount of Britons moving to the city.

Why choose British Curriculum?

“Well began is half done” is a wise adage that still holds true today, especially when it comes to education, because making an effort in education pays dividends for years to come. Many people are trying to choose the finest educational programme for them as well as their family, but which programme is the correct one? The British curriculum is now the most widely used in the world. At present time, the Improved British Curriculum is the most well-known and well appreciated curriculum.

There is a positive perception of British higher education all over the globe. There’s a solid explanation behind this. The curriculum’s breadth and flexibility are two of its strongest attributes. However, if we dig further, we will find that it’s teaching approach that has the most impact on students, placing a significant emphasis on the welfare of the students and providing extracurricular activities to improve their growth. The curriculum places the kid at the centre and teaches them the skills they need to be global citizens.

Students who finish high school with a solid background in English would be prepared to attend any English-based institution in the globe. The English education of a student is recognized not just in the UK, as well as in the America, Canada, Japan, and the United Arab Emirates.

Prepare the Students for Their Futures

A British education stretches beyond major corridors, giving students a solid platform and a worldwide passport which will permit them to attend any institution in the world. Students will develop their critical thinking and well-roundedness, making them well-suited for postsecondary study.

In today’s world of excessive competition, personal qualities are more valuable to employers than subject-matter expertise. There are now performance requirements for promotions based on how effectively you interact with others, your behavior, and your ability to work well with coworkers from all over the world. Students who are better in personal qualities will be able to rise above the competition more readily.

British schools in Sharjah students have been shown to have stronger personal skills than the local public school, according to research.   Students in foreign schools are always trying to improve their personal skills, whether it’s via exchange programmes or extracurricular activities.

Universities and companies all around the globe are aware of and highly appreciate the British education system. The ENC maintains a high position as contrasted to more conventional forms of learning because of the continuing improvement of the program to include qualities that companies want, such as management, collaboration, problem-solving, general awareness, media skills, and diversity of ideas and imagination.

  The British Schools in Sharjah’s purpose to nourish pupils not only scholastically but also behaviorally, socially, spiritually, artistically, and physiologically, it helps students become real international residents of the present world in a manner that is quite distinctive.