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Why is Expensive Fees Worth your Child’s Future in Dubai?

Why is Expensive Fees Worth your Child’s Future in Dubai?

In the past two decades, Dubai has established itself as one of the major attractions for ex-pats from around the world. Not only is Dubai having rich in oil, but the city has also expanded itself as one of the attractive places to live and work. People travel to Dubai for shopping, and tourism is becoming popular because of the biggest shopping malls, business summits, exciting sports events, nightlife, and more.

Though Dubai does not levy any taxes on the citizens, education for ex-pats is not tax-free. Hence, it can burn a hole in the pocket.

Know when to apply for early education in Dubai

Usually, the international schools in Dubai have fully occupied. It means you must start applying for at least one year in advance to get on the waiting list of your preferable school for your kids. Hence, understand the admission procedure, Dubai British school fees structures, required documents, research about the schools, etc.

The admission starts from June for most of the schools and is open throughout the year depending on the number of available seats and expansion of the school. Dubai has a blend of the best education models in the UAE. Such as:

  • Kindergarten and primary education are compulsory in Dubai. Hence, the international and private schools in Dubai are fully-equipped kindergarten sections for the ex-pat kids. They provide the best environment and learning experience.
  • At secondary levels also, Dubai schools offer different education models, including the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), International Baccalaureate (IB), British Curriculum, etc.

Since the students develop and thrive in the education system set up by the authority, the learning experience is exceptionally crucial. So, it is essential to understand the procedure and see which curriculum suits your child in Dubai schools. As the schools in Dubai provides the best education with all sorts of state-of-the-art facilities for your child’s growth, Dubai British school fees are a bit higher.

Schools invite diverse cultures for students

Try finding international schools if you are an ex-pat living in Dubai. It provides an opportunity for your children to study in a diverse cultural environment. This way, you can prevent your children from experiencing a cultural shock while going to school since Dubai is stringent about its policies about festivities, language, food, and conservative clothing as well.

The international and private schools in Dubai welcomes and provide a platform to follow one’s own culture. Hence, to experience the freedom not to drift away from your culture as an ex-pat, be ready for higher school fees.

As per the saying, “quality comes with a price,” Dubai schools are slightly expensive for ex-pats but provides assured quality. Read school brochures, visit their websites and get information for a better understanding.

Join the school forums on social media and visit their profiles to get more information about a particular school. Some schools offer a chance to try out a day at kindergarten for your child to explore if it suits your needs. Other international schools in Dubai provides applications for parents to converse with teachers in a community.

High fees, but better results in Dubai schools

Kindergartners are a sensitive age for children. Their entire life depends on how they grow up to be adults between these years.

As an ex-pat, you can take kindergarten admission for your child above 3 years and 8 months. It means the private schools are agreeing to take the responsibility of providing the best learning experiences for your children:

  • By following the leading teaching modules and patterns with the best quality education, whether British, American, CBSE, International Baccalaureate curriculum
  • By focusing not only on academia but also on enhancing the child’s social skills, values, etc., the schools are equipped with child-friendly mediums, activities, and engaging infrastructure.
  • By prioritizing the safety and security of the children with well-equipped CCTVs and ensuring their protection
  • By utilizing the technology in their day-to-day work, whether it is data automation to reduce human labour or data analytics to gauge the performances of their students


As the ex-pat population is increasing in UAE, the schools are ever-growing, especially for kindergartners. So, do your research thoroughly and get admission for your children to play a proactive role in their learning.