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Tips to deal with back-to-school anxiety

Tips to deal with back-to-school anxiety

Anna D’Mello The Oxford School, Dubai

I, as a student, believe that most students get quite nervous, yet stay excited about the first day at school. The students look forward to reuniting with friends because they haven’t seen each other for months. They also get nervous just thinking about excessive homework or even feeling homesick. If their best friend is not in their class (at the start of a session), they feel sad. The list of reasons goes on and on.

I am sharing a few tips and tricks on how to deal with nervousness on day one of being back-to-school.

1.    Create a checklist
Make notes on what all needs to be done to avoid stress. This way you won’t procrastinate and are less likely to forget the important stuff.

2.    Take out time for self-care
Use the last few days of the break to work on your health — healthy eating, physical fitness, etc. Health is a key part of self-care. Make it a habit to look after yourself even when school starts.

3.    Walk into your class with a big smile
A cheerful heart and a kind personality will help you win people’s love. Everyone wants to be friends with a nice person.

4.    Set a routine for yourself
It’s a good idea to start sleeping at a fixed time, a few days before school starts. If you follow a routine you won’t be dragging yourself out of bed on the first day of school.

5.    Make notes
Be regular with taking down notes in class, so that later when you have doubts you can look back at them.

6. Prepare yourself the night before
Pack your bag with everything you need. Get your clothes/ uniform ready.  Get your lunch ready for the morning. This way you won’t get late on day one.

It is fun to just think about what new activities one wishes to join, set new goals to achieve in the new term, use new stationery to write assignments, and more. Also, remember there may be new teachers and students to meet up as well. Plus, an opportunity to be a new you!